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Video content is one of the most effective tools for digital marketing. According to Google’s analytics over 90% of consumers find products through Youtube. They also state that more than 40% make a purchase through this discovery. Video viewers are more likely to buy products advertised in video content than through images or text. Alongside this, the demand for more video content from marketers is exponentially growing. So ensuring you have a high standard for your video quality is essential to reach your audience.

Why is video content so influential? The answer is simple: it consists of visual information and content that conveys messages in an exciting, fast-paced way. Marketers who use video generate 3 times as much web traffic and link-clicks than those who only use images.

Video content effectively shows off a product or service, engages viewers, and provides them with information in a fast, effective, and entertaining way that is often relatable. 


Remember these 3 important video don’ts:

1. Video content should not focus solely on selling a product
2. Video content should not be long winded and boring
3. Video quality should be high and meet viewer’s current standards

Video advertisements which focus only on the product or service being sold, has a negative impact on audience retention and video click-through rates. Studies show that videos perform better, when they focus on engaging, fun, relatable content, and sell a service or product as a side-effect.

The video production process can be quite complex and requires extensive skills, knowledge, and experience. These 5 tips on how to improve video quality will help you get to the next level. 

1. Script your Shoot

Don’t try to save time by skipping the script. It will help pre-visualize your final footage and outline your desired shots.

Plan and organize an outline of what you’re trying to shoot before you pick up a camera. Create a story board to help you see what the final product of the video content you create will look like. Make sure you work out all the details before filming, as it can save a lot of time and effort in post-production and editing.

2. Use Plenty of Light 

Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of a finished video. Make sure you have enough lighting equipment for the shoot and always use professional lighting gear if possible!

If you don’t have access or the financial means to use professional lighting equipment, then shoot your video outside or near a window rather than indoors. The light coming through the window will give you a more flattering video quality. However, it’s important to avoid direct sunlight as this can create shadows and cause glare on the video recording device.

3. Upgrade the Audio Quality 

Poorly recorded sound is not only distracting, but can also ruin an epic shot. Invest in quality sound recording equipment.

What you see isn’t all there is to good quality video. Audio is very important, and often overlooked. Don’t just rely on internal microphones such as your phone’s or camera’s mic. Invest in a good quality external microphone that suits the needs of your shoots, so that you capture clear sound in every shot.

4. Avoid Shaky Footage 

It’s hard to hold a camera completely steady, so use stabilizing equipment: tripods, sliders, shoulder-rigs, gimbals etc.

If you don’t have access to professional filming equipment just make sure the camera you are using is on a secure and stable surface, like a counter. Limit the use of handheld or shaky footage to specific moments when it is used as a strategy to convey a feeling or emotion, or to make a particular point. 

5. Shoot from a Variety of Angles

Cutting from one angle to another is a simple way to add visual value to your video.

By using video content that is shot from various angles, not just straight on, you can make the video interesting, entertaining, and engaging for viewers. Good video production companies will offer video shoots like this as standard and you’ll find that your video content looks far more professional when it’s put together in this way. If you are filming it yourself try to film with two simultaneous recording devices, then use one for a stable wide angle and one for a closer side profile, this allows video editors to smoothly cut video clips together without jumpy cuts between shots.

Don’t be intimidated

Getting started in creating video content for your business can be intimidating! This is why a lot of brands miss out on crucial clients. If you don’t have experience and have no equipment to begin with worrying about building content with great video quality is made even harder. Businesses hesitating to capitalize on this trend will only see the gap in their margins continue to grow. Learning how to market yourself through video is an entire skill in itself, one which many business owners don’t have the time to learn. Contact the Brynga team to help you save money and time as you watch your reach and brand grow.

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