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Brynga was born from a wish to make big-budget agency and marketing services attainable and affordable to anyone dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur and owning a business. We started in Branding, Advertisement, and Media over 20+ years ago and made the decision to rebrand the entire way our Agency did business in 2020. Many companies realized the future of service based businesses is in subscription based companies. This restructure enables us to offer big-budget level content creation for a fraction of the cost. 


We’ve been in the marketing and digital media game for a long time, and as an Agency we worked with all kinds of companies from small business owned shops, to big-budget companies like Canadian Tire, X-Copper, Sobeys, CIBC, Rogers, IKEA, Bell Media, Nintendo, and more. We helped a lot of entrepreneurs and start-ups with their businesses and this helped us understand there is a need for good, affordable, and effective digital marketing. Due to this, we decided that we wanted to help businesses grow their presence in the digital world through access to unlimited and affordable digital services. 


We didn’t want to be just another one-off overpriced marketing company, so we reinvented our business to better serve you. Skip the lengthy creative meetings, pointless back-and-forth, long turnaround times, and the never ending search for creative artists. We do all the leg work for you. All you have to do is Subscribe and click the Request button and tell us what you want. When you’re happy, we’re happy. 


Did we say that subscription companies are the future of service based businesses? We did. That’s because they are, and in the last year, many other on-demand agencies have been joining the cause and making their services available for lower pricing. Genius. We love to see and support other great visionaries! Thanks to globalization and technology it is easy to work with talented creatives all over the world. Our current dedicated team is entirely based in North America.


Our packages – at Brynga we understand the daily struggles of entrepreneurship and starting a business and we want you to know that we are here for you. We even offer for a limited time a seven-dollar package, THAT’S RIGHT! SEVEN BUCKS! We created this package because we want to grow with you, and offer Graphic Design services that your business needs, without breaking the bank. Every business regardless of the size can benefit from marketing content to use in their branding, social media campaigns, website building, administrative pdfs, and sometimes, even click-bait. 


At Brynga we are passionate about any topic based on business, advertising, marketing, and technology. We started this blog to help businesses grow, and learn to market themselves effectively through branding, graphic design, copywriting, SEO, and social media advertising. We are also a collective of tech nerds who love gadgets, I mean, who would have thought growing up in the time before cell phones that we would live to have a computer the size of our palms, that not only takes nicer pictures than some very expensive cameras, but let you talk to people across the globe any second of the day! Our blog will also mention different products from software to hardware that can help you grow a business efficiently and effectively. 


We will also post promotional content from time to time, including exclusive access to limited-time coupons to discount pricing, and even our new service launches so don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out. And listen, you’ve been reading a while so I’ll stop gilding the lily, check out our packages and let us know what you think, and if there are any new services you would like to have access to in the comments section below! 

See you on the other side.

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